Backcountry, Light Tackle Inshore Fishing with your female fishing guide, Captain Lori Deaton in tampa bay, st. pete and boca grande for snook, trout, redfish, tarpon and cobia.
Fishing in Tampa Bay - St. Pete - Boca Grande

Redfish, a personal favorite to catch, have a solid more rounded large scaled body than either the snook or trout. They have a copper bronze tone that actually changes in different solidity's of water. Their color stays a lighter shade in more clear water and get's darker in deeper, tanin stained waters. These very strong bull headed beasts when in large schools, look red in color.

Generally, redfish have one to many spots at the base of the tail and rarely will there be no spots. When landing one of these fish, part of the fun is to count how many spots each particular fish has. My personal best was 9 if I remember correctly. These bullish brootes have an uncanny knack for a fierce fight. Their speed, strength, and stamina are simply amazing, making them one fun catch for anglers using light tackle!

You may have of heard people talking about" tailing" redfish. These fish are bottom feeders and have horizontal shaped mouths that open downward allowing them to quickly ambush bait fish and crustaceans around oyster bars, grass flats and mangrove shorelines. When in shallow water, this leaves their tails slightly, or dramatically, sticking up out of the water.

Spawning usually occurs from August through November. You may find from one single loner to schools of hundreds during this time. Making long accurate casts delivers the best result and remember, these guys spook easily, quiet is the key.

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