Backcountry, Light Tackle Inshore Fishing with your female fishing guide, Captain Lori Deaton in tampa bay, st. pete and boca grande for snook, trout, redfish, tarpon and cobia.
Family Fishing Charters in Tampa Bay - St. Pete - Boca Grande
Family Fishing Charters in Tampa - St. Pete and Boca Grande.
I'm sure that your family is as important to you as mine is to me. Growing up in south Florida with six siblings we were blessed with the chance to do just about anything that we wanted to do outdoors year- round. We played every sport imaginable, we rode horses, boogie-boarded, wind-surfed, built tree-forts and spent lot's of time enjoying my all time favorite-fishing! We didn't care if we were fishing on a lake, off the jetties at the beach, or from one of our favorite piers. We'd fish every chance that we were given. To this day, we still appreciate any and all time spent together, we especially value our time together on the water. After moving to Tampa in the mid-eighty's, I resumed my passion for fishing. My husband Larry and I fished together constantly and the passion soon turned out to be a great purpose in my life.

After fishing competitively for a few summers, I realized that I needed to be guiding. Some of my most memorable trips on the water have been those that involved family. A father taking his son on his first fishing trip. Spouses enjoying a day on the water with their children. A husband sending his wife and daughter to learn to fish in a comfortable, no-pressure setting. On some occasions, even having three generations together sharing a great time and making memories. The latest addition to my family is a very spoiled, gorgeous, brown-eyed yellow lab named Pirate. Who by the way, rarely let's me leave the dock without him! I wish he understood that he only gets to come on my charters with me when people who are dog crazy say, "yeah, bring him!". This brought to mind what I think is the best idea I've had in a really long time. Why aren't I saying hey, if you've got a dog and want to bring him/her on your chartered trip-"yeah- bring em"!. And so it is, Ladyfish Charters is a dog friendly charter service.

I hope you and your family join Ladyfish Charters for many fun-filled exciting days on beautiful Tampa Bay or in world famous Boca Grande catching not only your best catch ever, but one of your best times ever
shared together. Don't forget, Fido's invited too!
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