Backcountry, Light Tackle Inshore Fishing with your female fishing guide, Captain Lori Deaton in tampa bay, st. pete and boca grande for snook, trout, redfish, tarpon and cobia.
Tarpon Fishing in Tampa Bay - St. Pete - Boca Grande
tarpon fishing in boca grande
tarpon fishing in boca grandeI'll never forget that incredible moment when I hooked my first Tarpon in Boca Grande Pass. My heart was pounding so hard I thought it would bust clear out of my chest! The hit was hard and the fight was on before I knew what had happened. Those shiny silver large-scaled muscular scrappers challenge even the toughest angler. Never could I have imagined the intensity of the fight and the strength of the beast at the end of my line.

While I tried to savor the moment, thoughts of what I had been told and coached on raced through my mind. "Reel down, then pull back,""Keep pressure on him while he's running; only reel when he's not." "Watch your line; they skyrocket so fast out of the water; only then do you give them slack." No amount of coaching or exaggerated wisdom
"I'll never forget that incredible moment when I hooked my first Tarpon in Boca Grande Pass."

- Captain Lori Deaton
could have prepared me for that moment in time. The silver king's acrobatic ability, agility and strength:
Unbelievable! How much time had gone by? The fight felt like an eternity. My muscles ached, my forearms and legs shook, but I couldn't give up. Oh no! I had waited far too long for this moment.

I'd get him close to the boat and he'd gulp yet another breath of air and be gone again. Each get-away faster than the last. "How long can this go on!?" I asked myself.

Well, in the end not long enough. Boating this magnificent beast was one of the greatest experiences of my life. To this day, I still live and breathe for each and every blessed experience I encounter with the Silver King, large or small. watching my client fight his or her first or hundredth Tarpon I still get as excited as I was the very first time I hooked my first. My heart still pumps, my adrenaline still rushes, and I am as thankful as I was on that very first day.
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