Backcountry, Light Tackle Inshore Fishing with your female fishing guide, Captain Lori Deaton in tampa bay, st. pete and boca grande for snook, trout, redfish, tarpon and cobia.
Snook Fishing in Tampa Bay - St. Pete - Boca Grande
Snook fishing in tampa bay florida
Snook are probably the single most sought after of all inshore species on light tackle. We are extremely fortunate to have one of the most incredible snook habitats right here on the West Coast of Florida. With the new regulations set for the West Coast, snook populations are in good shape and this is great news for those anglers wanting to land these amazing linesiders.

Snook are usually found inshore along mangrove shorelines, around bridges, near residential docks and close to sandy beach shorelines. However, they can also be found near shore on reefs and close to shallow wrecks. Although, with mild winters we've been known to catch them year-round, your chances of catching a larger one of these feisty lunkers is far better during spawning season which is late spring & early summer.

Primarily, snook aren't like other species in that they don't chase their prey, more often, they'll lay in wait during the peak of a strong flowing current under any protected structure such as a shaded mangrove, a dock piling or underwater structure, waiting for their best chance to ambush the bait fish that quickly passes them by. When they strike its usually with a vengeance, keeping an eye on your line is imperative, as these fish move really fast. These drag screamers generally head for the closest cover as fast as they can in order to break free of your line; often jumping more than once, shaking their heads trying to use their razor sharp gill plates as a way of releasing themselves.

Snook Fishing Snook Fishing Snook Fishing