Backcountry, Light Tackle Inshore Fishing with your female fishing guide, Captain Lori Deaton in tampa bay, st. pete and boca grande for snook, trout, redfish, tarpon and cobia.
Sea Trout Fishing Charters in Tampa Bay - St. Pete - Boca Grande

Spotted Sea Trout have a long streamlined body. They are silvery in color with hints of olive green along their backs and are covered in numerous black spots. They have a very large soft mouth with two very prominent canine teeth. While these toothy creatures prefer water tempatures between 65 and 75 degrees, they are still often caught during warmer or cooler tempatures.

These feisty fish can be found in any inshore waters. In rivers, on grass flats, in sandy potholes, as well as around docks and structure. A gentle hook set is imperative as the soft mouth tissue tears quite easily. Circle hooks should be used in order not to gut hook this sensitive species. Often, Trout are found in large numbers making them a great target for non-stop action, especially for kids. Although most larger trout are solitary, large numbers of slot sized trout are easily found in schools for non stop action.
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